1. General

  1. How do I create an account with sgFixIt?

    • You can create an account by clicking ‘Join Now’ at the top right hand corner of the Home page and following the instructions given.

    • After you register and activate your new account, sign in with your sgFixIt account username and password. Alternatively, sign in using your Facebook account.

  2. Is there a cost to sign up an account with sgFixIt?

    • No. Customers do not have to pay anything to sign up and use our service. All we ask in return is for you to write honest and fair reviews for the service providers who are hired to do your job.

  3. Why should I sign up with sgFixIt?

    • Before you hire a service provider or company, it is wise to know a little bit about their previous work. We are using the traditional word of mouth referral system and putting it up online so that every customer can benefit from other customer’s experience.

  4. What happens if I’ve forgotten my password?

    • Simply enter your email to retrieve a new password via email.

  5. How do I change my password?

    • Change your sgFixIt password using the Change Password page. It's simple - just enter your current password as verification, then enter the new password you'd like to use. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it using the Forgotten Password feature.

  6. How do I search through all the content on sgFixIt?

    • Look for the Search Box at the top left of the Home Page. Type in the trade, company or service operator that you are looking for and click ‘Search Now’.

  1. Reviews

  1. How do I write a review?

    • You need to be a member and signed in to submit a review. Next, search for the service provider company you want to review. Doing a search using the business name is the quickest way to find a listing. Just look for the 'Write a Review' button prominently displayed on the page. You'll then be directed to a page where you can write a review and give a rating out of five stars (half marks are allowed).

  2. What should I include in my review?

    • There are 3 parts to the review:

      1. Whether you would recommend or not recommend the service provider to other customers

      2. Rating the service provider out of 5 stars based on the five attributes given

      3. Review the service provider on what you liked and disliked the service, the person who served you, what he was hired to do, and how much you spent on the job done.

  3. I want to review a business but it is not listed.

    • A business has to be listed on inSing to be reviewed. If you can't find a business, email enquiry@sgfixit.com. 

  4. Will sgFixIt only accept positive reviews?

    • We realise not all experiences are going to be positive and would like reviews to be balanced. While we do allow negative reviews, we ask that they be truthful and fair. Nothing defamatory or abusive should be posted. Stick to the relevant facts as to why the experience was unsatisfactory. The more details and facts you provide, the more helpful it is to the relevant business and users.

  5. How do I report inappropriate reviews?

    • If you see a review that you believe to be untrue, defamatory or inappropriate in any way, email enquiry@sgfixit.com. 

  1. Business Owners

  1. How can I list and advertise my business on sgFixIt?

    • Click ‘Business Owners’ on the top right hand corner of the Home page, and then click ‘Create a Listing’

  2. Why should I list and advertise my business on sgFixIt?

    • Listing and advertising on sgFixIt instantly allows your business to be exposed to a large number of potential customers for a small fee.

    • By getting ratings and reviews from your past customers, you can build your business reputation which will bring in more business.

    • sgFixIt allows you to communicate directly with your customers through our review and reply function. This will enable a better understanding of what customers want and how to continually improve your service.

  3. How do I edit my business details?

    • Log into your business owner account and edit your business details on your own business page.

  4. How do I boost my listing and advertisement on sgFixIt?

    • You can feature your business on the top 3 search results of your respective business trade by subscribing for premium listing.

    • You can also feature your business on various pages of sgFixIt.com. For more information, please contact us via our hotline number 9792 8116 or send an email to enquiry@sgfixit.com.

  5. Negative reviews

    • We never remove a review, negative or position unless the member who posted the feedback contacts us to remove it, or the review is a successful part of Complaint Resolution, or we confirm that the comments were fraudulently posted.

    • Providers never want to see a negative feedback about their service quality, but most take those experiences as a guide to improve. Many providers with negative feedback will work to repair their rating by addressing the member's concerns and every provider has the opportunity to respond to tell their side of the story. It is unlikely that providers threaten members for their reviews on sgFixIt. If this should ever happen to you, please let us know so we can track such activity.